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meditation for trauma

Meditation Rx: For stress v. trauma

What to know before you meditate or practice mindfulness. Meditation and mindfulness are wonderful practices, but if they are not trauma-aware practices, they can trigger a reaction you may not like! This study found that meditators experience a range of reactions, from joy and bliss, to pain and stress, visions and de-personalization. Don’t be alarmed! …

mindfulness stress trauma

How Mindfulness Reduces Stress & Heals Trauma

If you’re unsure about seeing a therapist because you don’t particularly feel comfortable talking about yourself, OR if you’ve tried therapies and they haven’t helped as much as you hoped, then beginning a practice of mindfulness may be the thing that finally shifts you into greater peace and self-empowerment. However, there is more to mindfulness …

presence mindfulness

What Presence Teaches Us

These days, we are all about manifestation – and I get it. With so much information and opportunity all around us, naturally we want to be able to create the life we dream about. From more income, to the perfect home or car, to the relationship of our dreams. But what about when you’ve survived …

meditation changes brain

Harvard Study Finds Meditation Changes DNA

In 2008, a study was published on the effects of meditation, specifically: the first compelling evidence that the Relaxation Response (RR) – the physiological response to meditation, yoga, tai chi, Qi Gong or repetitive prayer – affects our genes. Scientists analyzed blood samples, and concluded that 2209 genes were expressed differently (turned on or off) …