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Dear Friends,

Like me, you're probably old enough to have lived through a few really difficult times when it was hard to stay positive. In my case, I went through a huge crisis in which I touched deepest despair and internal struggle. I was longing to feel connected to myself and to others, to feel at peace, and to be able to touch grace.

Not all of us have access to therapy, nor can many of us afford it. In any case, lots of my clients have been frustrated by how nothing has seemed to help them - until they started working with themselves in our sessions. Until that time, they were (as I have done) just putting out fires one by one, as they arose.

There was no regular practice to lay the foundation for ongoing peace, self-love, and self-confidence.

It's no one's fault. You see, most therapies lock in suffering and pain as part of your IDENTITY, and then there is no escaping it. For example, let's say 'Mary' has gone through divorce, job loss, and more. Most forms of therapeutic help will help Mary be a 'better Mary' - to be a happier divorcee, to find a better job - but her identity is STILL 'Mary the divorcee with a new job.'

In my Core Transformation Program, I help Mary re-identify with her soul - so that she EXPERIENCES that she is a 'whole and complete, valuable, radiant, divine self with lots to contribute and learn in this life, currently having an experience of being Mary with all of Mary's dramas.'

THAT is the kind of peace people experience when they return from Near Death Experiences, which for many, shifts their perspective forever more.

This is EXACTLY why I created my Core Transformation Program.

After a very difficult period in my life, I was suffering from anxiety, panic attacks, and unresolved emotional pain. In order to help myself and others, I re-trained as a practitioner (after doing a Ph.D. in economics – yeah, rather different).

Very quickly, as I began to use what I’d learned in my own life, and with my clients, I realized that by doing certain practices, in a certain way, NOT ONLY did I help myself and others recover from stress and trauma … I was also able to move myself, and my clients, into expanded states of consciousness. Peace. Bliss. Awakening (however you conceive of it).

My approach draws on several modalities. I'm trained in hypnotherapy, NLP, energy healing, intuitive readings, biodynamic cranial touch, de-armouring, and life coaching. I am also a top-rated Udemy instructor and a workshop facilitator.

In the past decade, I have taken hundreds of clients through my mindfulness-based healing sessions, and I have led more than 30 workshops and 3 retreats all around Australia and overseas.

HOWEVER, my biggest accomplishment (other than my children) is this simple and effective program consisting of 6 core practices to align you with your most perfect, innocent essential self!

Within 12 weeks you will KNOW self-love, self-compassion, and how to access peace whenever you want. How? Every two weeks you have access to a module that takes just 2 hours to do, but whose lessons sink deeply into your unconscious mind (delivered in video and powerful audio tracks).

You will incrementally learn the 6 core practices, which build on one another, culminating in the kind of peace and self-love which enables you to then LIVE the life of your dreams.

I created this program to make your part (commitment) as easy as possible, because I created a structure that does all the rest for you. AND, you can begin for just $67 with one of my package offers, and start today.

It’s totally unlike anything else out there,  because it's SIMPLE, and STEP BY STEP (so beginners, don't fear!). There is no homework, no boxes to tick, nothing to DO. Just listen, feel, and BE.

I hope you do it, and love it, and that you keep these practices in your life forever (I know I will).

Hope to see you inside!

Michelle Dixon, Ph.D.


100% Transformation Within 12 Weeks

The Core Transformation Program is designed to result quickly in the experience of contentment, self-love, self-compassion, and de-stressing, when you do the practices as recommended. Over 12 weeks participants experience profound transformation.

Your Personal Practices Can Be Established Quickly & Easily (Just Follow the Video Instructions!) 

This program establishes an easy-to-follow structure FOR you. All you have to do is show up and be receptive, and do the practices along with me as I facilitate them! The practices in this program, created to achieve presence, emotional release, and ongoing peace - have been designed to be simple. Anyone can do them, and you can do them anytime. 

Improved Wellbeing in Multiple Areas of Your Life

The practices in this program have a lot of science behind them. From the HeartMath Institute trials to other peer-reviewed studies, research shows techniques like the ones used in this program relieve stress, and improve mental, psychological, and emotional health. AND with regular practice, you can even experience expanded states of consciousness - you may consider this to be a deepening of your spiritual practice or just a mind-blowing experience! Not to mention, this is the foundation of TRUE manifestation - you can only manifest your dreams when you are clear and calm.


Peace awaits you.
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