Counselling & Bodywork for Trauma Release | Start Emotional Healing

If you crave a more personalized and consistent 1-1 experience that goes deeper and works more quickly, consider this package. Over a month to 1.5 months we work weekly with 1-2 sessions to uncover what’s happening for you, release, rewire, and realign. AUD $997 for 7 sessions (6 on a call and 1 energy medicine remotely) plus reports and private chatting in between sessions. Via Zoom. [Surcharge of $20 per session for room hire for in person sessions in Freshwater, NSW].

* The cost of the 30 min call will be deducted from the package if you proceed.

In person (Freshwater Wellness Centre at 1 Roe Street, Freshwater) or via Zoom. This is a deep listening session with powerful processes that can help you release emotion, rewire your mindset, and connect into that part of you that is already Whole and at peace. I often ask questions that help you better understand what is happening and how to proceed, and occasionally I share my insight based on a decade of working with clients who are recovering from trauma and rebuilding a life and a self. In these sessions we might also use hypnotherapy, counselling, mindfulness coaching, trauma-informed breathwork and somatic processes.

trauma release bodywork

In this session I use de-armouring bodywork with other body-based modalities that directly engage with the body’s armour or emotional holding points. It is a deep-tissue session with some lighter holds plus energy healing. The purpose of this session is to release held trauma and stress from the musculature in order to allow the emotional body to release and relax.

shamanic healing

In person (Freshwater Wellness Centre at 1 Roe Street, Freshwater) or via Zoom.

This is a Shamanic type journey where you receive healing at various levels of your being (physical/spirit body/aura). Whether it’s in person or via Zoom, it’s a powerful energy-based session that you receive whilst lying down as I talk you through it. I identify blockages, from emotional to physical, and release/cleanse and restore. This session comes with a report and daily practice suggestions that I get intuitively from the healing session.

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