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hyperarousal trauma
Ever had the experience of being out - maybe in an unfamiliar social situation, or in a crowded place -
developmental trauma
What we know about the brain and how developmental trauma affects the brain is quite fascinating. As I wrote about
shame get rid of
Feeling shame, a sense that you are shameful and not worthy, is a terrible, painful way to live your life,
complex trauma cptsd
Complex trauma is having several experiences of trauma over time, compounding suffering and repeatedly impacting the nervous system, which is
night terrors nightmares
Flashbacks suck (they usually trigger massive panic attacks - that's in an upcoming blog). Often the source of night terrors
food emotional healing
I am so excited to share with you this interview I did recently. It is so FULL of helpful information
acute trauma
The sudden change from okay to traumatised. What characterises acute trauma is this sudden transition from okay to sudden emotional/physical
mindfulness stress trauma
If you're unsure about seeing a therapist because you don't particularly feel comfortable talking about yourself, OR if you've tried
presence mindfulness
These days, we are all about manifestation - and I get it. With so much information and opportunity all around
biodynamic cranial touch
I could never have predicted how this practice would change me and my clients. In times of flux and uncertainty,

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