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Presence for Peace Mini-Course

Your path to healing starts today.

First, let me introduce myself and my WHY.

Presence for Peace is the first of my 6 core practices for peace, and it's the most important - it's the foundation. In this video, I get real with you about why I created this and how to use it.

Part 1: Presence (the first core practice for peace).

It all starts with calming the nervous system - when your body is in 'fight or flight' or 'freeze and dissociate' you are not yet able to fully begin to heal and rewire.

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Please note that this video is part of a larger course that was originally delivered 1 video per week, hence my references to this.

Part 2: Meditation on Presence

This meditation audio has 2 purposes:

Calm your nervous system

Get your subconscious primed to go into a state of presence more and more easily over time.

Some more information on how this meditation works:

It is an eyes-open meditation.

The first 4 minutes are focused on breathing.

You need only listen to this once, but you CAN listen to it as much as you like.

It’s recorded against a background of Theta binaural beats, which means that the track has frequencies that put you into a theta brainwave state. This is a state that assists with deep relaxation, and also contributes to learning and memory. It’s a frequency at which change throughout the nervous system is supported.

Please Wear Headphones for Optimum Results

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Consider continuing with the rest of my core practices for peace. (There are 5 more.)

You can purchase the remainder of the full course if you are committed to continuing this self-healing journey.

The cost is just $79.

Module 1: Practicing Presence [here]

Module 2: Working with sensation, emotion and memory (to release of the pull of the past and be able to deal with what arises for you emotionally on a daily basis)

Module 3: Releasing false stories of self (to let go of stories of 'lack' and low self-worth, so that you KNOW your greatness xx)

Module 4: Working with triggers (so that if an external circumstance triggers a strong emotional reaction or physical behaviour you have the tools to deal with it)

Module 5: Forgiveness (a powerful practice of forgiveness that can cultivate your connection to the Divine)

Module 6: Gratitude (to invite in Grace - one of the most profound experiences we can have as a human)

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