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Trauma therapy sessions v. Healing the Energy Body

Trauma therapy sessions


My talk therapy sessions are an opportunity for deep listening and together ‘figuring out’ what you most need, from clarity to profound processes to rewire how your mind/body experiences trauma symptoms and reacts. You will notice that I do a lot of listening, but that I sometimes ask very specific questions to help you gain clarity in your process. As I have training in a number of modalities, the processes we do in any one session will always be specific to what you are navigating on the day and in general.

My ethos is ‘suffering to soul’ and my goal is to help you move from the story or the specific pain experiences to a more soul-infused experience of Wholeness is which the story feels like it is ‘from another life’ and is no longer part of your fundamental identity.

My clients have often seen many other kinds of counsellors/ psychologists/ healers and they report that my work is fundamentally different, both in terms of how I listen and how together we decide what processes to do (if any). Also, I always provide a written review of our session so you have in writing some of your aha moments, my contributions and homework practices. Not other counsellor provides this detailed report as far as I know, and my clients find this invaluable. Importantly, I have done my own healing over the past two decades, and I have raised my children, so I bring to this work a wealth of personal and therapeutic experience, as well as the unique compassion that comes from living through significant suffering.

Energy Body Healing

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I have been practicing de-armouring and energy healing bodywork for a decade in order to help your body release held trauma. You might have heard of the book The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel van der Kolk? Long before this book was published, I was already working directly with the trauma body, as I actually got my start in bodywork before I trained in talk therapies. I worked almost exclusively with trauma survivors and had a long apprenticeship studying how the body retains various kinds of trauma and memories in the muscles and organs, as well as how to release it. I have also done training in a form of energy medicine and have refined my process online.

Energy body healing sessions involve me working with your non-physical body to first, do some diagnostics and perceive where you have blockages and what they related to. Then, second, I perform a healing/clearing at the level of spirit. Whatever you may think of this process, believe me, no one has been as surprised as me as far as what I perceive, and the results we get after a session. I have spotted disease in early stages and cleared various emotional / physical ailments – but by the way, this is always a collaborative endeavour and clearings often require the client to be prepared to change habits of body and mind!

Where to begin?

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There is no right answer! It can be helpful to have talk sessions in order to discuss, explore, and practice strategies together. Clients find the support I offer quite important in their ongoing journey and sometimes see me fortnightly or monthly. However, in terms of physical ailments and clearing emotions directly from the physical body, the Energy Body Healing sessions are quite effective. My best suggestion is to book a talk session, get to know me, and together we come up with a treatment plan that involves both.

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