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Start your transformational healing journey today with my free 5 step reframe process + roadmap guide to trauma healing.

Want to feel better, embrace your purpose, feel connected to yourself and your loved ones again, and get on track financially, emotionally, and career-wise?

healing trauma holistically

Yeah, I did too! 

Healing is the foundation of manifestation – creating the life you love happens faster and with more ease when you’ve healed past pain.

Hi everyone, my name is Michelle Dixon and my mission is to help create a world in which we all have access to the skills of cultivating self-love and a deep knowing of self for more happiness and success and less suffering. 

Right now, this starts with me supporting YOU to know that there IS a path that can give you peace, and allow you to live your purpose and thrive, with meaning and joy.

Imagine a life in which you experience peace, you know and love yourself and your uniqueness, and you’re ready to step up and embrace your purpose and have the relationship / career / and financial stability your crave!

That is MY life purpose, to help you get there.

My 6 Step Roadmap to Holistic Healing is just the guide to get you started, but that’s not all.

You also INSTANTLY get a short video in which I walk you through an easy 5 step reframe to take your present suffering, give you relief, and support you to have hope.

Where can I send your guide?


healing trauma
Imagine feeling genuine emotional relief and experiencing a shift into greater hope when you do the 5 step reframe process with me.

There is absolutely no substitute for experience, and that’s why I’ve created this guided, simple, 5 step video process. I am so excited for you to know for yourself the power of your own internal resources. With my guidance and support, I activate those resources so that you can shift your experience and so that you have the power to do so with this process forever.

Imagine knowing (and avoiding) the 3 simple mistakes most people make when they embark on a healing journey

No one really prepares you for what it takes to heal trauma, and it’s not really anyone’s fault, because the search for help usually takes place in a desperate situation! However, when you are ready to feel better, there are things to know and to avoid, and ways to prepare yourself in order to  maximize the chance for your success and healing for the long term. My guide shares it ALL.

Imagine having the exact roadmap for trauma healing that I have used myself and use with my clients – for healing that lasts

If nothing has really helped you before, it’s not your fault – there are 6 essential elements that maximize your potential for healing (being at peace). It must happen on the level of the body (releasing stored trauma), the mind (rewiring how the mind perceives the world, including self-worth), and it must help you realign with the Wholeness you are. My 6 step roadmap tells you exactly what the process must include and why


My Story

Like many of you, I suffered developmental trauma followed by several crises in my adult life which resulted in breakdown, leading to poverty, depression, panic attacks, and more.

The ‘normal’ approaches didn’t work for me, or when they did, the results didn’t last.

What did work was incorporating body practices, mind practices (thought processes and techniques) along with my mindfulness and meditation practices, even as I worked with practitioners and trained to become a practitioner myself!

I know absolutely that the practical processes and practices that I did on my own made healing happen deeply and for the long term. That’s the reason I developed my signature methodology – to help others do what I’d done.

Over the past decade, not only have I deepened my own experience of peace, I have helped others and refined my approach.

My qualifications range from bodywork for trauma to change-work modalities and include: de-armouring, myofascial release, craniosacral therapy, biodynamic cranial touch, energy healing, neurolinguistic programming, life + relationship coaching, and hypnotherapy.

As a long-time meditator and mindfulness practitioner, I have merged my modalities to develop my unique approach to healing trauma. It is the only one out there that combines mindfulness with body-based healing and mind-based change-work. 

Know what? The best part about my work is that I am a living case study – I released my past, rewired my mind, and live in Wholeness and through this, I have utterly transformed my life and my mindset for career success, financial stability, a loving relationship and deep peace and joy. 

Over to you! Grab my roadmap, hit reply and tell me YOUR story and your vision for how your life could be ….

[Together we can make it happen].

Love, Michelle xx

My 5 step reframe process + the healing roadmap guide are perfect for you if:

✔️ You feel stuck – like life is just not moving forward as it should you wonder when you’ll EVER experience WINS in one or more of these life categories: financial stability, freedom from the emotional roller coaster, a healthy and loving relationship, and career success.

✔️ You sometimes (or always) feel like you’ll never get over your suffering, that you’ll never feel better, and you just don’t know where to start with healing.

✔️ You have an inner critic who just won’t lay off, or even experience chronic shame.

✔️ You suffer from chronic pain, illness, or even from an autoimmune disorder that you suspect (or know) is linked to past trauma.

✔️✔️ You ready to understand more, go deeper, learn to love yourself, experience you greatest potential … and shift into a peace that you probably never thought possible.💯💥