Loved at Last | Michelle Dixon

Loved at Last

In this 90 day program, I help you heal from the past and re-set how you 'do' relationships and pleasure, so that you can finally have the romantic life you long for.

I had no idea what a healthy, nourishing and intimately fulfilling relationship felt like.

Hi, I'm Michelle Dixon, nice to connect! 

After my divorce nearly ten years ago, I didn't know how to feel whole again, much less how to create a new life or achieve romantic fulfilment - a nurturing, happy, fulfilling relationship.

I seemed to always be in unhealthy connections romantically and felt chronically unsatisfied in my intimate life. I considered my body my enemy and I thought that maybe I was broken and destined to be alone, or that I'd have to settle for unsatisfying, less-than relationships.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • - My body felt closed and unresponsive.

  • - I kept having painful memories, including anxiety and fear for my future.

  • - I seemed to attract partners who were clearly terrible for me and my self-esteem.

  • - I didn't really even know how I needed to BE in a relationship in order to have my needs and desires met.

Today I'm in my mid-40s, in a totally awesome soul-nourishing relationship, and I have created a love-filled, happy life.

Let me tell you how I figured it out.

I trained as a relationship and intimacy coach in order to heal myself, and to eventually help others on the same path. 

Today, I am in the most fulfilling relationship of my life and we have a happily blended family of 6 kids (I know, right, the Brady Bunch; we never hear that from anyone of course LOL).

It started with ME and my healing. 

I had to be loved by myself, first, before I was remotely ready to be loved by a romantic partner. And that is not something we are taught to do well.

The key to success is not what you may think.

Healing from your past, and finding, cultivating and/or repairing your most precious romantic relationships does NOT start with

->what you say or do in your relationships

->being energetically aligned with a soulmate

->getting 'out there' more or staying 'in' more together

The key to success is this: Re-program how you DO relationships and intimacy.

Think of it like reprogramming a hard drive. You have been wired to 'do' relationships and intimacy in a specific way because of your life (including your childhood experience) has 'programmed' you to relate in a certain way, and with certain types of partners.

To help you be attracted to the healthiest partner, to communicate well in your relationships, to enjoy your intimate life, you need a 're-set.'

To 're-set' means:

1. Helping your body and nervous system release trauma and emotional pain;

2. Rewiring it for pleasure and connection;

3. Learning healthy ways of communicating;

4. Aligning with your true desires and becoming an energetic magnet for attracting your ideal partner  - or even helping your current partner to come into alignment with YOU!

It is absolutely clear to me that re-setting the way people experience relationships with themselves and others must follow a very specific ROADMAP [see below].

That is precisely why I created this 1-1 coaching program for YOU.

This is the only coaching program out there that works at the level of your nervous system, rewiring your body for pleasure and re-setting your pattern of relating, so that you can finally have the relationship and intimacy of your dreams.

Results you can expect with my signature methodology - the Loved at Last Roadmap

-> You will have let go of old, painful relationship patterns (to yourself and others)

--> You will be healing or have healed old trauma, wounding, abuse from childhood or unhealthy past relationships

-> You will have the ongoing skills to cultivate self-love, including feeling MORE PLEASURE in your body

--> You will understand the principles of 'non-violent communication' and be able to connect authentically and lovingly in your relationships

--> You will be taking regular steps to connect to those you love, or with potential new partners, fully in your power

--> You will have aligned energy and intention to be a magnet for your most fulfilling and loving relationships

The Loved at Last Roadmap Has 3 Stages

Over 90 days, we work together using a combination of 1-1 coaching and my online mindfulness course, the Core Transformation Program.



Identify, understand and let go of unhealthy patterns of relating so that you can step into a new way of being. This includes recovering from trauma or heartbreak and learning to FEEL more in your body. I use neurolinguistic processes, hypnotherapy, and somatic (in the body) mindfulness techniques to settle the nervous system.



Know what you desire, and align with your intention and begin to re-learn how to connect with others (including communication principles), connect to your self, as well as re-learn how to experience arousal cycles (if relevant). This is done through advanced mindset work and daily practices you do in a morning or evening routine.



Cultivate the inner and outer skills of connection to yourself and to others whether it's in or out of the bedroom, in order to find or cultivate your soulmate relationship. This includes having strong boundaries and practicing self-care. I coach you in how to communicate (role play) and give you exercises and processes to do - with accountability!

What You Get

-> 9 sessions over 90 days [roughly 3 sessions per stage of the program]

- > Unlimited lifetime access to my online mindfulness course, the Core Transformation Program, with its 6 Core Practices, including hours of materials and audio meditations

-> Unlimited email and voicemail support between sessions

-> In our sessions we address both what is immediate and urgent, and we take steps to facilitate your beautiful future to unfold

-> Investment for full 90 days: $2850
[payment plan available]

Here's a common question I get:

Q: How is this different or better than just having a bunch of sessions with a relationship/intimacy coach?

A: This program ensures you take the ENTIRE journey, rather than dipping in your toe, not seeing a shift in yourself, and then moving on to some other methodology or modality!

Here's the thing. My clients who commit to change and who have regular accountability - have MUCH greater shifts.

Too often, people want to just see a practitioner 'when they feel like it,' and that is great if there is an acute or immediate problem. 
But if there is a pattern, an ongoing pain, then there is a need to CHANGE how you are doing things, and that is about HABITS.
Change at this level requires a roadmap, consistency in action-taking and accountability.
Neuroscience shows that changing habits requires time and practice - at least 3 months! 
Becoming relationship-savvy, healed, confident IS NO DIFFERENT.
Voila! This is why I've created this program with its roadmap, over 3 months. I am so excited to take you on this journey and help you get the results you desire.

Q: How is coaching different from therapy?

A: This is a coaching program, so we are working with actively changing your experience, rather than just understanding it.

Please note, I am not a psychologist or counsellor, and you should remain in therapy or seek therapy if you feel that you need it - my work is a transformational complementary approach to conventional therapy.
My qualifications are in neurolinguistic programming, hypnotherapy, and multiple bodywork modalities that emphasize the body-mind-emotion connection.
Whilst we look at your past and family of origin in order to help you understand and rewire relationship and pleasure patterns, we are always focused on change and the outcomes you want, helping you become who you want to be.
So, unlike psychology or talk therapy only, my coaching requires your active commitment and participation in the between-session exercises and 'homework'! 
The benefit? You have an opportunity not just to understand why you are where you are at, but to change and have an entirely different experience moving forward!

Some Testimonials

Michelle offers an amazing value in her workshops. Her passion for the work and a caring and patient approach to the participants make for a beautifully enriching and heart opening experience for everybody present. I recommend her to all my friends!Helena Nista - sex coach and Tantra teacher


I've participated in workshops with Michelle. She's a very caring and professional and hold space to let go, connect with my heart and heal. I enjoyed the experience and now I'm using some of the tools I learnt with my clients. It's different. It's challenging. It's worth it. It's healing. Thank you Michelle, for your kindness, support and great energy! Claudia Boymouchakian, Purple Angel Healing Centre.


I have had individual sessions, couples coaching plus group workshops (retreat) with Michelle over the last 7 years. When I first met Michelle I was hanging onto an old relationship and was unhappy and shut down in my body. She really helped me develop a healthy relationship with myself. Michelle is gifted in dissecting core relationship challenges in a clear and articulate manner. I always felt supported and understood and she helped me change my pattern of how I used to do relationships. In one session, using NLP and hypnotherapy, she helped me create a heart connection and intention to connect with the man who would become my future partner. It also helped me finally let go of past relationships. Since then, she has helped me navigate my relationship with myself and also with my partner, including the first stumbling blocks in my relationship. She did it in a way that helped me stay in my power and communicate well. I’ve been in a relationship with this man for five years now, and we are getting married next year! I highly recommend working with Michelle and I continue to be in touch with her. -Arishma Singh, Founder Thrive with EFT


I am in my 40's and I am a survivor of childhood and sexual abuse. My sadness led me to edge of 3 suicide attempts in my adult life, all of those wanting to extinguish the pain after each of the new trauma events. Michelle's nurturing nature and her approach to treating the person as a whole is what is helping me recover and grow. Her connected work at all levels has helped me leave the trauma in the past, and strive for a better future. She has helped me overcome the hurdles of being stuck in a victim mindset. I am now a true believer that the body holds trauma, and without awareness and assistance, the trauma keeps surfacing to either be ignored or addressed.


A litte bit more about me, Michelle Dixon

As a practitioner for nearly a decade, I have worked with hundreds of people to help them with their relationships and problems with intimacy. I have supported adults heal from abuse backgrounds and helped them to enjoy their bodies. I have helped couples communicate and guided individuals find the self-confidence and self-love to either go deeper in their relationships or to end them with grace - open, at last, for the fulfilling relationships they desire!
My clients are grappling with one or more of these issues:
--> Recovering from major life change, from divorce to career to health challenges
--> Struggling with anxiety/trauma memories that interfere with their relationships / intimacy, or with their ability to find a new relationship
--> Feeling dissatisfied with their intimate life or with their ability to enjoy pleasure
--> Desiring a ‘soulmate’ relationship, but having no idea where to begin
Over the past seven years, I have headlined festivals, facilitating de-armouring bodywork and somatic processes for emotional healing. I have run over 30 workshops and several retreats in the somatic healing/relationship/sexuality niche. I have also been a guest at several telesummits - some of the recordings are on my website under the menu heading 'resources.'
A few years ago, when I was focused on creating content, I became one of the top sexuality and relationship writers for MindBodyGreen for about a year - under the pen name of Emma Michelle, and I also write for Living Now, an Australian wellness magazine.
As a Udemy instructor, I have two top-rated courses, one on developing intuition and one on marketing for alternative practitioners. I also offer business mentorship programs for practitioners who want to grow their business!
My practitioner qualifications include life coaching, neurolinguistic programming, hypnotherapy, de-armouring, and biodynamic cranial touch. I have a special interest in helping my clients relieve their bodies of held emotion and trauma.
My online mindfulness course, the Core Transformation Program, contains weekly modules delivered over 6 weeks, each week containing videos and audios for each of the six core practices for peace.

You don't have to stay stuck where you're at, unfulfilled and unsure how to have the relationship and intimacy you long for. Join me on the happy side where you can experience what it feels like to be loved at last - and not just by a dream partner, also very deeply by yourself. xx Copyright 2019