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You may be comfortable with the concept of a soul, or you may prefer to understand it as Wholeness or Awareness.
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Not everyone is interested in or believes in working at the soul level – but before you click on, let me frame it for you so that no matter your spiritual background or lack thereof, you can get the massive importance of this concept for your healing and wellness!

You came into this world Whole, with all that you needed in terms of your natural born potential: your genes which predisposed you to having certain interests, abilities, and temperament, and a natural curiosity and drive for connection and survival.

Trauma may have impacted your nervous system and brain, and created a whole collection of negative beliefs and fears (and that is all real), but you still have the basic internal framework you were born with: Wholeness.

You still have your genetic template, your temperament, your desires, your curiosity, your ability to form connections (to whatever degree). You have a template for Wholeness.

I like to think of this as the soul, an eternal part of you that is temporarily aligned and enmeshed with a body, but there is so much more to your identity!

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How my work helps you at the soul level

My unique approach to trauma release incorporates a re-alignment with your Wholeness. This is in fact a re-activation of your original template, a reminder of all the parts of you that are already Whole.

The neural networks we use become stronger.

The more you travel a path from hurt and pain to fear and sorrow, the more that becomes a default mode for your brain, your nervous system, and then your emotional and bodily reactions.

When you begin to experience your Wholeness, and KNOW that you are at a very basic, original level, pure and okay and full of potential, then you begin to LIVE that truth.

Being Whole becomes a habit.

At a soul level, at the level of your most essential self (NOT the self that was harmed, but the self that cannot be harmed), you begin to unwind the tightly wound net of trauma from your physical body and sense of self.

Your pain body becomes un-meshed, and your soul is able to live more powerfully and peacefully through you.

This is the most profound healing there is, because it emanates out from all of you, changing your experience, your beliefs, and ultimately, the external state of affairs in your life.

It means that, for example, you no longer pass on your wounding down the family line. It also means that you become, by your very presence and wisdom, a great help to others who are suffering as you have suffered.

Outcomes for soul healing with my trauma release work:

  • greater sense of peace, and a quicker return to peace when triggered
  • deeper sense of your purpose
  • access to states of expanded consciousness (bliss states)
  • deeper, felt sense of connection to fellow humans, especially those who have suffered
  • improved relationships
  • a felt sense of lightness or freedom, combined with a knowing that you are free of your past, and life is now your playground – you are more easily able to reach your goals, and manifest the life you desire.

How to get started

Everyday Healing: Releasing Trauma from the Body is a short and affordable online program that supports you to work with your body in your own time and space. In this program, I guide you to create a powerful daily body-based practice to help you let go of the past, relieve emotional pain and/or symptoms of trauma, and restore peace and hope.

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