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There are few things more frustrating than suffering emotionally and really wanting to feel better, taking the huge step of finding a therapist and being vulnerable with a complete stranger, and then feeling like you’re just really not getting better at all. 

It’s so painful when you have taken that massive leap of faith, but then you walk out of your sessions feeling more upset than before because memories have risen to the surface and now weigh heavily on your heart and you just can’t see your way through!

Or maybe you haven’t got help yet, and you know you should do something, but you’re just not sure what and it just seems overwhelming to even consider taking any steps towards getting help (especially if you have to relive it by talking about it).

The sudden, unexpected solutions we may not even know about may just be the ones that help us most!

Here’s my experience: I spent years working with different talk therapists and then I had some bodywork. I released more trauma over one weekend than I had in years of therapy.

Soon after, I began to understand which supplements were right for me, and my brain fog lifted, after which my talk therapy became more effective.

It could have been acupuncture which shifted things for me, or a dance class, or somatic experiencing therapy, but it just happened to be de-armouring bodywork.

My point is not that one modality over another is the best one for healing trauma. Rather, that there are many different facets to suffering and it affects much more than just the ‘mind’ and our ‘thoughts’ and memories.

Not to mention, each individual has unique pathways for healing when you begin to approach it holistically.

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My personal experience has fundamentally changed how I work with my clients therapeutically. Whether they see me for hypnotherapy or counselling, or even for bodywork, I always consider the whole person and to get a sense of what complimentary practices or modalities would support my client to achieve the most transformational outcomes.

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Solution: It’s time for a holistic approach that treats ALL of you.

Being holistic is ultimately about treating the WHOLE, and not just the parts. 

When it comes to therapy, holistic healing is therefore about not just considering the mind and thinking, but also the body (the nervous system, how the body holds emotion and memory, the biochemistry of trauma, nutrition and supplementation), and one’s connection to a higher self, Wholeness, the Soul or Spirit.

Now, traditionally, talk therapy is the go-to modality for emotional healing. This would include traditional psychotherapy, counselling, psychology and even psychiatry. 

Holistic therapy, on the other hand, goes beyond merely talking and listening, and considers the entire person:

  • What is happening now and in the past (a narrative history – what happened, when, how you feel/felt);
  • The health of the body, including diet, exercise, lifestyle, supplements, medication, and sometimes even the individual’s more subtle body, in terms of energy/chi (as in acupressure/acupuncture or Reiki);
  • A person’s experiences, beliefs, and practices, including spiritual beliefs;
  • What the individual desires to experience or achieve in their life (this is holistic coaching – coaching is all about creating change, and not just about understanding, or finding meaning).
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More relevantly, the holistic therapist is not afraid to refer to other complementary practitioners in support of emotional healing.

Healing often happens faster and more powerfully with a treatment team!

This might mean finding a coach and not just a therapist/counsellor – such as a holistic health coach, a holistic life coach, or a holistic wellness coach.

But, it may also mean referring out to specific modalities like acupuncture, massage therapy, EMDR, EFT, TRE, or somatic experiencing, to name but a few!

The bottom line is that holistic healing therapy is not just one thing – it considers that the individual has many facets of their suffering, and thus considers all of those facets and seeks to create a team of support to work with ALL the relevant aspects of emotional distress and wellness.

Holistic Healing Outcomes

Feeling seen and validated is an essential part of healing. And having therapist to understand that what you’re experiencing affects your mind, your body, your health, your connection to others and yourself – that should be the basis of any holistic trauma therapy session.

A truly holistic therapeutic approach leaves you feeling clear, light, as if you see the world differently, and feeling that little tingle of excitement, that maybe, after all, you can have the life and the peace that you desire.

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An online solution that is holistic and affordable

This is precisely why I created Feel Better Now, a self-guided program with self-healing resources that empower you to not just relieve symptoms and heal, but also to expand your capacity for joy and to know your purpose and live it.

It is full of powerful practices and processes that work with ALL of you. As an example, just in the first module, you learn:

  • 1-2 daily practices can start to calm your nervous system
  • Simple dietary changes you can make and how to find out if you would experience a transformation with 1-2 cheap supplements
  • A simple way to release trauma from the body that you can do 3 days a week for 10 minutes

As a result of doing this program, you will feel that you have the tools and resources within you to shift from suffering into peace and you will have integrated into your WAY OF BEING practices that give you an EMBODIED experience of BEING your wholeness, your soul rather than suffering.

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