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The Holistic Coaching Method to Powerfully Rewire Your Mind for Growth (and Healing)

Over your lifetime, emotional hurts and even traumas can accumulate, negatively impacting your life in ways you never anticipate.

While not obvious, these traumas and hurts can become more and more problematic if left untreated, often manifesting as feelings of negativity and more importantly, as instances of feeling blocked in your life path (not to mention wellness and happiness). For these certain moments the assistance of a well-meaning and trained holistic life coach can be a true saving grace.

Most people are reticent and understandably standoffish when it comes to the principles and effectiveness of holistic coaching, mostly due to misinformation and the lack of experience. I wouldn’t be speaking to you now if I didn’t wholeheartedly believe in the transformation that a holistic wellness coach has offer you.

My own experience with trauma, and the long path I have walked to finding a sense of peace, not to mention my professional training, has allowed me to become more in touch with what works and what doesn’t when it comes to healing and overall wellbeing.

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What Is Holistic Coaching?

No doubt you’ve heard the term bandied about in conversation and online without really understanding the depths that it reaches, so allow me to illuminate. Holistic coaching considers every facet of a human experience, not simply the physical health (although that is still important of course), the connectivity and dependence that exists within each of us, from the physical, emotional, and mental states of being.

By stressing the importance and understanding the necessity of balance and maintenance of each of these facets, there can be a true pathway to healing. The underlying truth that resides in holistic coaching is attention.

By paying attention and truly understanding the traumas and patterns that can lead to detrimental states of being, you have every chance at combating it from within and leading a more stable, secure, and peaceful life. The more you understand your inner-workings and how it connects to your state of mind, state of body, and state of spirit – the stronger you are and better equipped you will be for your future endeavours.

A holistic coach like myself can not only assist you in determining these connections, but also help you tackle scar tissue of past traumas that may be lying dormant and unnoticed.

Why Holistic Coaching Helps

The concept of holistic coaching has always been to have a grander impact than singular therapies and alternative means of treatment. By truly paying attention and understanding all the components that contribute to a human suffering and the inability to reach your life’s goals, you will feel a renewed sense of purpose, direction, and understanding of how your past can impact your present.

While past traumas are a dominant figure in many people’s turbulent states of being, there are habitual elements that make their way into your everyday life that can negatively influence your state of mind.

By using me as your holistic wellness coach, we will break down these elements and determine the best approach you can make to bettering yourself and healing from past traumas and experiences.

How Trauma Can Cause Self-Destruction

I understand the horrendous impacts that holding on to past trauma can bring to the mind and body. I have experienced it myself and battled through it. Through my experiences I have discovered the connection between traumatic perspectives and the resulting limitations that come from it.

If left unaddressed, past trauma can become more and more destructive. Through my holistic coaching, we can work together to negate the negative and affirm the positive – healing AND goal setting to help you create a life you LOVE.

My Experience As A Holistic Health Coach

By choosing me as your holistic life coach you’ll be receiving more than a cookie-cutter discussion; together we can explore what ailments and baggage you’re carrying, and dissect it and eventually heal from it.

I became a holistic health coach to assist those who find themselves in similar pathways of trauma to what I have experienced both personally, and in the lives of my clients, I have found an effective treatment pathway again and can’t wait to help you find yours. As your holistic wellness coach, as your mentor, and as your guide, we can break down the past traumas of your existence and find a new light on the other side.

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