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Michelle Dixon, trauma specialist

I help you shift from an experience of suffering to one of peace, so that you can live a life of connection and meaning.

✔️Do you sometimes (or always) feel like you'll never get over your suffering, that you'll never feel better, and you just don't know where to start with healing?

✔️Do you have an inner critic who just won't lay off, or even experience chronic shame?

✔️Do you feel stuck - like life is just not moving forward as it should, and maybe you even feel a lack or meaning or purpose (or doubt yourself all the time)?

✔️Do you suffer from chronic pain, illness, or even from an autoimmune disorder that you suspect (or know) is linked to past trauma?

✔️✔️????️Are you ready to understand more, go deeper, learn to love yourself, experience you greatest potential ... and shift into a peace that you probably never thought possible...?????

If so, I've got just the thing for you - a first step towards healing.

My free "Guide to Making Sense of Trauma" not only gives you insight into symptoms and their connection to the workings of your nervous system and your mind, but also gives you practical strategies for healing that are holistic and which honour your spiritual connection.

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My Story

What I know absolutely is that shifting from trauma and emotional suffering to peace and even bliss requires an identity shift, from being the Victim to becoming Wholeness or Soul.

My “Suffering to Soul” methodology empowers you to experience this healing shift through a set of processes and practices that work with the body, the mind, and the essential self - releasing trauma held in the body (emotion, memory, pain), rewiring the mind (quieting that inner critic and the voice of shame), and cultivating your connection to your inner Witness or helper (some call it Soul).


I became a practitioner nearly ten years ago, in order to recover from heartbreak, trauma and anxiety after divorce in my 30s. It was a long road to peace, recovering from childhood trauma that had led me into abusive situations and caused many unpleasant (and embarrassing) symptoms. But I have healed - I am at peace, a happy mom to three teenagers, in a wonderful, healthy relationship, doing work I'm PASSIONATE about.

My mission is to support you to relieve your suffering through practical and proven trauma-aware healing processes using my signature methodology, growing your self-love, connection to Source, and belief in your potential all the way

In nearly a decade of work, I have seen hundreds of clients and facilitated over 30 workshops plus a few retreats. I have created a top-rated Udemy course on intuition and I have been a guest writer in numerous publications and several telesummits.

I’m one of the few experts in trauma recovery and relationship coaching who works with the body (somatic approach) and not just the mind in order to facilitate happy, healthy and intimately fulfilling relationships with oneself and others.

I am qualified in hypnotherapy and neurolinguistic programming, life and relationship coaching, and several bodywork modalities that I have used for years to assist the body to release trauma: biodynamic cranial touch, craniosacral therapy, myofascial massage, and Shamanic de-armouring.

Here's what you will discover from my guide, Making Sense of Trauma:

Types of trauma

How to tell which type of trauma you might be experiencing (acute, developmental, CPTSD, and more), why it is presenting the way it is, and its connection to the nervous system and the mind.

The truth behind the symptoms

What no one tells you about the reason behind common symptoms (from panic, to memory problems, from depression to insomnia).

The real reason for the inner critic and shame

Why your symptoms are normal despite how the inner critic and shame would have you believe otherwise.

How to shift from suffering to soul

Strategies for healing you probably won't hear from anyone else (because my approach is holistic) - how to shift from trauma to peace and how you can get started applying it today.

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❤️Client Love❤️

"I have had individual sessions, couples coaching plus group workshops (retreat) with Michelle over the last 7 years. When I first met Michelle I was hanging onto an old relationship and was unhappy and shut down in my body. She really helped me develop a healthy relationship with myself. Michelle is gifted in dissecting core relationship challenges in a clear and articulate manner. I always felt supported and understood and she helped me change my pattern of how I used to do relationships. In one session, using NLP and hypnotherapy, she helped me create a heart connection and intention to connect with the man who would become my future partner. It also helped me finally let go of past relationships. Since then, she has helped me navigate my relationship with myself and also with my partner, including the first stumbling blocks in my relationship. She did it in a way that helped me stay in my power and communicate well. I’ve been in a relationship with this man for five years now, and we are getting married next year! I highly recommend working with Michelle and I continue to be in touch with her." -Arishma Singh, Founder Thrive with EFT

"Michelle is a gentle, caring, empathetic and powerful facilitator and healer. I have been working with her for a couple of years now and she has gently guided me to excellent results, not only on physical and emotional level, but also when coaching me for my service/business ... She has a very unique approach and connects with Energy in such a wonderful way that makes me feel safe and confident. The energy in the room is amazing! She has the gift to help others from a place of love, understanding and clarity. Thank you so much for sharing your Light with the world! I love working with you and seeing and living great results!"-Claudia Boymouchakian, Purple Angel Healing Centre
"I am a male in my 40's and I am a survivor of childhood and sexual abuse. My sadness led me to edge of 3 suicide attempts in my adult life, all of those wanting to extinguish the pain after each of the new trauma events. Michelle's nurturing nature and her approach to treating the person as a whole is what is helping me recover and grow. Her connected work at all levels has helped me leave the trauma in the past, and strive for a better future. She has helped me overcome the hurdles of being stuck in a victim mindset. I am now a true believer that the body holds trauma, and without awareness and assistance, the trauma keeps surfacing to either be ignored or addressed."

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