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Do you wish you understood why you're just not responding in bed the way you'd like?
Not to mention, wouldn't it be nice to understand what you can do to change it?

Get my free report and finally understand why your body is just NOT being your ally in bed.

On the body, emotion & memory. 

Why your nervous system could be stopping you from enjoying yourself in bed and what you can do about it.

Do one or more of these scenarios sound familiar?

--> Your body feels closed and unresponsive.

--> You are having painful memories, including anxiety and fear .

--> Sometimes intimacy is painful, or there is a dysfunction of some sort

--> When intimate, you freeze or feel like you are leaving your body.

-->You don't really like how your body appears naked and are not comfortable being seen during intimate moments.

If this sounds familiar, my free report from my "Secrets of Sessions" series might just help! In this guide to the body, emotion and memory, I explain how the body does intimacy and relationship patterns based on real client situations and my approach.



- Understand how the body holds emotion

- Understand how emotional events have a consequence in the body's muscular tension, and how that affects being intimate with a partern

- Have an idea of the kind of therapies that will help release held emotion and rewire for pleasure and connection

Hi, I'm Michelle Dixon, and I specialise in helping women rewire the body and brain for better relationships and more pleasure.

I became a practitioner in order to recover from heartbreak, trauma and anxiety after divorce in my 30s. In nearly ten years of doing this work, I have seen hundreds of clients and facilitated over 30 workshops plus a few retreats. I have created a top-rated Udemy course on intuition and I have been a guest writer in numerous publications and several tele-summits.

I’m one of the few experts in relationship coaching who works with the body (somatic approach) and not just the mind in order to facilitate happy, healthy and intimately fulfilling relationships. I work with those who are divorced or have been in unhealthy and unhappy relationships and who are sick of suffering and ready for the right partner in a loving, easy, nurturing and balanced relationship.

Often my clients have a sexual abuse background, childhood abuse or trauma, so they really need help overcoming that. I use neurolinguistic processing, hypnotherapy, mindfulness and somatic-based coaching to rewire the body/mind/brain to not have the same destructive relationship patterns and unfulfilling intimate life by rewiring arousal patterns.

In my series of guides "Secrets of Sessions," I tell you what I've learned from working with the body AND mind to heal relationship pain and rewire for the love you've always wanted.

Get my free guide:

Why your nervous system could be stopping you from enjoying yourself in bed.  

[on the body, emotion, trauma, and memory]

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