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This self-healing membership program is informed by real trauma survivors and practices that work for them on a daily basis.

Finding Your Bliss.

Moving beyond trauma to experience wholeness and joy.

A trauma history requires different practices for healing.

Again and again, my trauma clients appeared at my sessions asking, "but what do I DO ..." 
-in moments of panic
-in moments of despair
-when there are flashbacks
-when the inner critic is out of control
-when there is sudden anxiety
-when there is pain, disassociation, overwhelming feelings
They were already doing 'healing' work, but what they lacked were practical practices and processes to work with their symptoms on a daily basis.
The most important healing work happens day to day, minute by minute, with yourself, outside of a practitioner's rooms.
Here's the thing: A trauma background is incompatible with many practices and processes out there, even some forms of mindfulness. A dysregulated nervous system (which is the result of trauma) can easily produce anxiety, panic, even despair AND it is a crucial contributing factor to auto-immune conditions.
Therapies are vital - and I love to work with clients. But so many people suffer without access to a therapist or practitioner, whether due to lack of financial means, or because they cannot find the right help. Now is the time on this planet to make healing affordable for all.

Here's what I wish people knew about healing trauma.

Being the person I am, passionate about expanded consciousness and spirituality, I wanted MORE for my clients. Not JUST healing, but processes which actively open a person to experiencing connection at the deepest level. That's why I created a single portal with all the resources to help heal trauma, heartbreak, and more, all in one spot.

This member's portal full of practical resources. It uniquely offers you processes that are at your fingertips 24/7 - for settling the nervous system and having support to gradually shift into peace, healing (mental, emotional and physical), and expanded awareness.
Membership includes a bundle of online modules, a monthly live group healing meditation plus Q&A group call, and email support from Michelle - all this for less than a dollar a day.
Whether you are working with a therapist or not, the videos and recordings in this member's portal can help you understand your 'pain body,' your trauma responses, and over time, with regular practice, can assist you to settle reactivity, and rewire your experience.

I'm Michelle Dixon, and I'm so excited to be offering you practical healing processes that actually work, which you can do on your own (with my support in this program).

Here's my story - how all this came to be.

I'm so happy now, but life has certainly not always been this wonderful!
After my divorce, I had a profound breakdown and struggled with poverty, heartbreak, and more. I trained as a practitioner (despite my academic background as a PhD in economics), in order to heal myself, and to eventually help others on the same path.
This is the context in which I developed my 6 core practices for peace, drawing on a lifetime of contemplative study as well as on my practitioner training.
Over the past decade, as I worked more with clients suffering complex trauma, developmental trauma, and struggling to recover from abusive relationships and mid-life breakdowns, I realized something profound.

Daily practices and processes are desperately needed when in the midst of despair, heartbreak, and anxiety, 'understanding' yields only more pain.

So I created my online mindfulness course and began to put together many of the processes and practices I have been using with clients to help them cope, heal, and eventually thrive.
Let me be honest - I have used all of these practices on myself as well. Through this work, I along with many of my clients have found the peace from which to re-imagine life. 

My training.

In terms of my therapeutic work, I use somatic approaches to relieve suffering and I'm one of a few global practitioners of de-armouring, a bodywork used as a means to expand consciousness. I'm also trained in neurolinguistic programming, hypnotherapy, biodynamic cranial touch, and a few other modalities!
With nearly a decade of experience facilitating over 30 workshops and retreats around the world, my use of bodywork to relieve suffering and create flow has been crucial in understanding how mindfulness practices can do the same, even when a person practices alone.
Throughout my  journey I have been a regular at conferences in Australia, a contributing writer to Mind Body Green (with her nom de plume Emma Michelle), and a top-rated Udemy instructor.

Here's what some of my clients say

I have had individual sessions, couples coaching plus group workshops (retreat) with Michelle over the last 7 years. When I first met Michelle I was hanging onto an old relationship and was unhappy and shut down in my body. She really helped me develop a healthy relationship with myself. Michelle is gifted in dissecting core relationship challenges in a clear and articulate manner. I always felt supported and understood and she helped me change my pattern of how I used to do relationships. In one session, using NLP and hypnotherapy, she helped me create a heart connection and intention to connect with the man who would become my future partner. It also helped me finally let go of past relationships. Since then, she has helped me navigate my relationship with myself and also with my partner, including the first stumbling blocks in my relationship. She did it in a way that helped me stay in my power and communicate well. I’ve been in a relationship with this man for five years now, and we are getting married next year! I highly recommend working with Michelle and I continue to be in touch with her. -Arishma Singh, Founder Thrive with EFT

I am in my 40's and I am a survivor of childhood and sexual abuse. My sadness led me to edge of 3 suicide attempts in my adult life, all of those wanting to extinguish the pain after each of the new trauma events. Michelle's nurturing nature and her approach to treating the person as a whole is what is helping me recover and grow. Her connected work at all levels has helped me leave the trauma in the past, and strive for a better future. She has helped me overcome the hurdles of being stuck in a victim mindset. I am now a true believer that the body holds trauma, and without awareness and assistance, the trauma keeps surfacing to either be ignored or addressed.

The Membership Portal Supports You In This Way:

Each collection is a 'mini-course' that you can do in the order that best suits your unique needs. The collection offers both ongoing healing and rewiring practices and 'emergency' techniques for when your despair or panic is taking over your day.


Processes and practices for when you urgently need help

When you wake up in a panic attack, are triggered into despair, stuck in negative thought loops, are reliving heartbreak or painful events - the worst times - what can you do for self-care? This collection of resources offers various kinds of help which are specific to the experience you are having. They are on hand when you most need them, or you can explore them and learn them when you are feeling okay. 

  • Breathing for panic/anxiety
  • Movement to release trauma from the body
  • Matching the energy to restore balance
  • Becoming the Witness
  • Movie theater process for PTSD/flashbacks



Healing Part 1: Free your body of stored trauma.

The body holds a memory of emotion and trauma even from generations before us. Working with the body somatically can help release, shift, and clear unwanted memories and emotional patterns. From movement processes, to touch and mindfulness-based practices, body processes are a key part of healing trauma. For example:

  • Free movement practices
  • Bodywork options
  • Calming the nervous system
  • Learning the language of your body
  • Nutrition & supplementation (from experts)



Healing Part 2: Rewire your thought patterns out of a negative loop and cultivate self-love.

Are you a visual thinker, or auditory, or kinaesthetic? How does your unique mind spin out of control, get caught in thought loops, experience anxiety or panic or emotional meltdown? Once you understand HOW YOU do 'negative thinking' and the 'inner critic' you can start to undo it with mind processes to help you rewire, relearn and redo the thinking that drives your day to day experience. For example:

  • Finding your submodalities for change
  • Working with the inner critic / banishing shame
  • Mindfulness for an expansion of consciousness


Healing Part 3: Integrate with your WHOLENESS or 'higher self' and experience being your Soul.

Whether you conceive of this as your soul, or as that essential part of you that contains the DNA map for health and wholeness - the part of you that was born into a new and innocent body remembers the template for Health. These processes help you remember, relearn, and integrate a healthy nervous system, mind and emotional body into your current self. For example:

  • Integration with Wholeness
  • Timeline processes for soul alignment
  • Forgiveness & Gratitude practices



Monthly Group Healing Sessions with Q&A.

You are not doing it alone!

I offer live monthly calls with a half hour group healing meditation (drawing powerfully on the group energy) as well as live Q&As - recorded and put on the membership portal for those who miss it. This healing alone is well worth the small monthly cost of membership! 


A community of likeminded survivors. 

Whether or not you are someone who loves to share, the online community attached to this membership group gives you an opportunity to hear from others and learn from them - not to mention, get support from others 'in the trenches'.



Exclusive discounts if you decide to work with me 1-1

If you decide to get some personal 1-1 support and join one of my 3 month programs, you are entitled to discounts as a member of this program. 


Finding Your Bliss Membership

Just $27 per month either paid monthly for 12 months OR pay the total up front and receive 2 months free. <<Join the program!>>


If you wish to continue to receive new material as well as participate in the monthly live healing session calls after, it's just $7 per month, cancel anytime.

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What am I all about?

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