Discovering the healing power of stillness touch | Michelle Dixon

I could never have predicted how this practice would change me and my clients.

In times of flux and uncertainty, working at a deeper level has never been more needed.

In my own practice, both for myself and my clients, I have found that the greatest personal growth, and the most profound changes, have come not from more techniques, but rather from deeper presence and a more potent alignment with Soul. I achieve this by using biodynamic cranial touch, also known as stillness touch or BCT.

It was completely an accident that I discovered the power of dropping into expanded consciousness as I worked with a client on the massage table. I was taken aback by how my shift in consciousness triggered a series of healing experiences for my clients, as well as for me.

Because I was initially so focused on ‘skills’ and ‘techniques,’ I wasn’t really expecting all this healing to happen in the way that it did.

My mentor and teacher, Giorgia Milne, made it clear to us on day one of the 1.5 year training that our role as students was to cultivate our connection to Consciousness, or the field, rather than give our egos more toys to play with.

Okay, she didn’t say that in so many words! But she made it perfectly clear the ‘skill’ of this work was NOT about doing, it was about BEING, and through that being, allowing Spirit or Wholeness to work through us.

After all, it knows more and better, and from a perspective of our highest good.

Somehow, it felt right. My dreams had even prepared me. I had a dream leading up to my first training in which I was speaking with a Native American healer from a past life in 17th century America (or so it seemed!). He told me, “Michelle, you need to DO less, your power is in simply being still.”

At the time, it seemed like strange advice. The penny hadn’t dropped, so I arrived to my training prepared to learn how to ‘do’ more bodywork. 

Yet there I was, surrounded by some of the most beautiful souls I had ever trained with, just being present, my awareness dropping down through my own stories, my own pains, my monkey mind, cultivating stillness and connection.

After the first few months of being a student, one day I experienced a state of connection to all, to Consciousness, and knew absolutely that every single person in the room and beyond was a unique and endearing version of ME.

My work has never been the same since.

Stillness touch comes from the Osteopathic tradition.

It has a long and fascinating history, with many famous proponents, like its founder, Dr. Still, and the works of William Southerland. The classic book Stillness by Charles Ridley is all about this work. Yet, it is experiential. You can read about it, but experiencing it is a whole other thing!

On one level, the gentle holds of this modality work with the fascia and the body’s fluids, restoring balance and Health through providing, via touch, an organizing fulcrum – a physical location through which adjustments and ‘healing’ naturally occur. 

On another level, the practitioner ceases to be identified with ego (though it is always there!), and allows Wholeness to move through her, in a process that is beyond conscious awareness, but restores, releases, and evolves in equal measure.

This modality even works remotely (via video call), with the practitioner dropping into stillness as the client sits or lies, receiving treatment no matter the distance.

I sometimes explain it as ‘template’ work. Please note, this is MY own felt experience and how I imagine it in my own mind; this is not what is formally taught in this tradition.

My experience is that in a session, in the stillness, as I sink into a deep meditative state, I am connecting with the original template of my client’s Wholeness, the very DNA and soul memory of health that exists in the body despite whatever traumas and hurts have been experienced since. In connecting to this template, we awaken the body to its existence, and over time, over our sessions, align the present body with the template of Health.

Please note: Health is not merely physical health. This is also a modality that can assist a person at the end of life experience peace and Wholeness, even as the body transitions.

I have seen, in three years of practice, people experience both physical adjustments (muscles, fascia and fluid changes) and the relief of symptoms, as well as emotional release, sudden understandings of long-held issues, as well as an experience of deep peace. The practice is often referred to as an ‘evolutionary process’ because it evolves consciousness by the very act of the client bathing in the energy of Wholeness.

In addition to supporting physical healing in conjunction with other treatments, it is useful for those wishing to let go of old hurts and traumas.

There is always a chat before and a check in after to support your process and provide additional guidance. In addition to my qualifications in bodywork, I have qualifications in coaching, hypnotherapy and neuro linguistic programming, and I am a mindfulness teacher and intuitive. 

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