Core Transformation Program | Michelle Dixon

The 6 core practices for peace is my signature methodology for shifting from struggle to peace in order to have the clean energy and pure intention you need to manifest the life you truly desire.

This a comprehensive roadmap to unravel your negative self-talk, stories of inadequacy, stress and suffering, supporting you to unfold into your fullest potential in every area of your human experience, including (but not limited to) creating abundance and finding love.

Looking to get over the pain of divorce, separation or loss?

Learn how core practice #1 of Presence can calm your nervous system, and allow you to experience peace. Imagine if you had the tools to not only allow unpleasant emotions to pass quickly, but also to release any limiting beliefs about yourself or your life (#1,2,3).

How about feeling deeper self-love, and self-confidence?

Core practice #2 and #3 can help you process emotion effectively while releasing limiting beliefs, and embedding beliefs that expand your consciousness and potential in all areas of your life.

Maybe you're trying to get past your suffering so that you can get your life on track?

Core practice #6 and gratitude help lay the foundation for advanced manifestation, once you've worked through #1-#6 are are clear, empowered, and ready!

Are you so stressed about your daily circumstances (financial, family, health) that your worry is stopping you from manifesting a happier life? 

Change on the outside begins with change on the inside. Once your nervous system is settled and you experience peace, your intentions and goals will be able to take hold and change your circumstances as if by magic. This is when you can finally get out of a financially challenging situation, find the ideal partner - whatever your struggle is and whatever your ideal life looks like.

All this is what the Core Transformation Program with me empowers you to do, through powerful transmissions you watch, and practices you DO, which you have access to FOREVER.

Michelle Dixon

Hi everyone! Nice to meet you, I'm Michelle. Although I can say in honesty that I have a very blessed life now, by my mid-40's, with 3 teenaged children and 3 young stepchildren, a happy relationship, a great business from home ... life was not always this good.

After my divorce, I had a profound breakdown and struggled with poverty, heartbreak, and more. I trained as a practitioner (despite my academic background as a PhD in economics), in order to heal myself, and to eventually help others on the same path.

This is the context in which I developed my 6 core practices for peace, drawing on a lifetime of contemplative study as well as on my practitioner training.

Once I began using them with myself and with my clients, always in a particular order (the order of the 6 core practices), I noticed they led to reliable outcomes: an expansion of consciousness, deepened self-love, and a greater ability to achieve the manifestation of goals, from income to relationship. This was true both in my own life, and in that of my clients.

Through these practices, I found the peace from which to re-imagine my life, and manifest the relationship and lifestyle I desired. Now I am committed to using these core practices to help others do the same.

In terms of my therapeutic work, I use somatic approaches to relieve suffering and I'm one of a few global practitioners of de-armouring, a bodywork used as a means to expand consciousness. I'm also trained in neurolinguistic programming, hypnotherapy, biodynamic cranial touch, and a few other modalities!

With nearly a decade of experience facilitating over 30 workshops and retreats around the world, my use of bodywork to relieve suffering and create flow has been crucial in understanding how mindfulness practices can do the same, even when a person practices alone.

Throughout my  journey I have been a regular at conferences in Australia, a contributing writer to Mind Body Green (with her nom de plume Emma Michelle), and a top-rated Udemy instructor.

Now for the first time I am offering the 6 Core Practices to the public in the form of this online program.

This transformational learning is delivered via an online portal with 6 modules, one per core practice. You receive access to ONE module every week. Each module is a video you watch, and an audio track to PRACTICE the process.
You set aside just 1-2 hours every week. Just watch and listen. The practices then become second nature. No worksheets. No homework. No boxes to tick. Lifetime access.
You will receive regular email communications from me with insight, motivation, extra meditations, words of encouragement and gentle nudges to ensure you are taking it all in.  This 'micro-learning' embeds the practices in your subconscious, so that your transformation is ongoing and you know the practices instinctively.

For a limited time, purchase of this online program comes with a 1-hour session with me via Zoom, in which I give you a personalized program for cultivating peace from the inside out (so that your life on the outside shifts as if by magic).

The 6 Core Practices

Understand how practicing presence can take you out of suffering, so that you can be at peace even when life is NOT peaceful.

Discover that working with sensation and emotion is like having a secret superpower that will make you feel in control of your life, even when things seem out of control.

Master the process of letting go of limiting stories about yourself that you have held onto for years.

Feel empowered in dealing with triggers, so that even when you feel thrown, you can learn and grow and go even deeper into peace.

Experience what true forgiveness really is, and how to use it in order to experience grace.

Prepare yourself to experience the richness and profundity of gratitude, and use it to catapult you to manifesting your ideal life, from abundance to relationships, from career to health.


This has been the only program or therapy that has worked for me. I didn't realize that I could be so present or effective with my emotions and manage to unravel it all so that I could finally be at peace. My life is crazy. I have a mental illness in my family (I am a caretaker), a child who needs surgery, money problems, and more. I didn't know what kind of help to get because my problems seem so huge and they can't be solved very fast, maybe not ever. But this program and Michelle have taught me how to get to peace. It's hard to explain. Presence was not too difficult - but when I got to the second core practice (sensation and emotion) things really came up. It gave me a chance to go through it into the consciousness that I AM. I feel like my life isn't so hard anymore, and I am starting to see my situation turn around in life just naturally improving with time. Thank you Michelle, so much!

- Emm R., USA, Core Transformation Program

Michelle offers an amazing value in her workshops. Her passion for the work and a caring and patient approach to the participants make for a beautifully enriching and heart opening experience for everybody present. I recommend her to all my friends!

Helena Nista - sex coach and Tantra teacher

I've participated in workshops with Michelle. She's a very caring and professional and hold space to let go, connect with my heart and heal. I enjoyed the experience and now I'm using some of the tools I learnt with my clients. It's different. It's challenging. It's worth it. It's healing. Thank you Michelle, for your kindness, support and great energy! Claudia Boymouchakian, Purple Angel Healing Centre.

She has an ability to wade through the mire of distractions and help you work out where your focus should truly be to balance your life. I am very goal driven but I have been using some less important goals to avoid doing what I need to do for myself, my family, my business and my spiritual/ church life as well as fitness and relationship. She's helping me to get these into to a better balance so that I don't live with the constant frustration of wearing my self out trying to keep everyone else happy.

-G, coaching client, Sydney.

The Core Transformation Program™ Includes:

→ 6 Weeks of Transformation

6 core practices delivered over 6 weeks (one per week) via the online learning portal - with videos and audio meditations. It is made easy for you with email 'reminders' that include support, inspiration, motivation, and guidance as you go. This includes practices to start manifesting the life you desire!

→ Processes for Trauma & Extreme Stress [Get Instant Relief]

If you have a trauma background, this section has specific processes to help with flashbacks, and other nervous system responses like panic attacks, anxiety, or freezing up. 


A 1-1 one hour session with me over Skype or Zoom, in which I give you a personalized program using my 6 core practices, created according to your unique journey and struggles. We might also use NLP, hypnotherapy or intuitive guidance -whatever bests suits you and your needs and desires.

The Core Transformation Program

Learn all the skills you need to align with your soul, experience peace and start to see profound changes in your life's circumstances.