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Be in touch!

*What you need to know when you contact me*

Thank you so much for reaching out!

I can imagine that it took courage to write me and I so appreciate your trust. 

I usually respond within 2-3 days max. 

However, I have a pretty big queue of emails to get through daily, and often there are 10+ which require a thoughtful reply. So I really do my best, but I am only human, and I do sometimes get behind and take a bit longer.

Please know that my intention is always to offer as much love and support as I can. If it takes me a little while to respond, I understand that this might make you feel upset, or not taken seriously, and that is certainly NOT my intention! 

[Also, I really do understand that if the people in your life you should have been able to trust let you down or betrayed you completely, you may feel challenged to trust others. So I REALLY appreciate your trust and patience.]

If you don’t hear from me within a week, please email me again!

Occasionally an email gets lost in my inbox, or I am away and they pile up.



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