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shame get rid of


Feeling shame, a sense that you are shameful and not worthy, is a terrible, painful way to live your life, and unfortunately all too common. It can pop up when you least expect it and sabotage your attempts to achieve your goals, have the healthy relationships you desire, and can even affect how you parent …

complex trauma cptsd

Complex Trauma

Complex trauma is having several experiences of trauma over time, compounding suffering and repeatedly impacting the nervous system, which is then permanently affected. I often say that complex trauma is like a sledgehammer repeatedly pounding away at the nervous system. For those who endured abusive childhoods (developmental trauma), it is all too familiar: repeated emotional …

night terrors nightmares

Flashbacks & night terrors

Flashbacks suck (they usually trigger massive panic attacks – that’s in an upcoming blog). Often the source of night terrors is your mind processing a flashback in the depths of REM sleep, discharging the memories and the body-trauma simultaneously. It can bring up unrelated fears, or terror-filled dream images that may or may not relate …

food emotional healing

Food for Emotional Healing

I am so excited to share with you this interview I did recently. It is so FULL of helpful information for those on a journey to heal emotional suffering, including a trauma history. Food is medicine, and yet when we are on a healing journey, we often forget this simple but hugely transformational piece of …

acute trauma

Acute Trauma

The sudden change from okay to traumatised. What characterises acute trauma is this sudden transition from okay to sudden emotional/physical stress. Your nervous system is in a state of overload.  First let’s talk about what’s going on. Your nervous system thinks it’s in danger. Right. Now. Also known as PTSD, acute trauma is usually the result …