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best therapy cptsd

Here’s why therapy may not be helping you heal.

There are a few little-known strategies to getting the most out of your therapy and finding a treatment plan that is right for you. Finding a therapist and embarking on therapy sessions is often the first step when you are suffering emotionally, and it’s a very good first step to take! It is really important …

parenting trauma

How to parent well when your parents weren’t well people

Parenting to end intergenerational trauma Many clients want to know how to be good parents when they feel that they did not have good parents. They instinctively give their kids the love and safety they didn’t get, but they still have a lingering fear that somehow, the wounds of the past will emerge in their …

depression trauma

Sadness v. Depression

The Trauma Connection You may feel sad for no reason, all the time or very often. This is a common symptom of all forms of trauma, and one which requires attention and compassion because it can often be overlooked (especially when you are dealing with acute symptoms like panic, anxiety, or health issues). Too many …

panic attacks

Panic attacks, dissociation, freezing

I can say from experience that panic attacks are terrifying.  They can involve: -incredible fear -numbness in body parts -inability to breathe -pain in the chest (you might think you’re having a heart attack) -pain in the stomach Those are just a few symptoms. It’s not uncommon to feel like you’re dying. At the other …

meditation for trauma

Meditation Rx: For stress v. trauma

What to know before you meditate or practice mindfulness. Meditation and mindfulness are wonderful practices, but if they are not trauma-aware practices, they can trigger a reaction you may not like! This study found that meditators experience a range of reactions, from joy and bliss, to pain and stress, visions and de-personalization. Don’t be alarmed! …