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Complex Trauma

Complex trauma is having several experiences of trauma over time, compounding suffering and repeatedly impacting the nervous system, which is then permanently affected. I often say that complex trauma is like a sledgehammer repeatedly pounding away at the nervous system. For those who endured abusive childhoods (developmental trauma), it is all too familiar: repeated emotional …

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Flashbacks & night terrors

Flashbacks suck (they usually trigger massive panic attacks – that’s in an upcoming blog). Often the source of night terrors is your mind processing a flashback in the depths of REM sleep, discharging the memories and the body-trauma simultaneously. It can bring up unrelated fears, or terror-filled dream images that may or may not relate …

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Food for Emotional Healing

I am so excited to share with you this interview I did recently. It is so FULL of helpful information for those on a journey to heal emotional suffering, including a trauma history. Food is medicine, and yet when we are on a healing journey, we often forget this simple but hugely transformational piece of …

acute trauma

Acute Trauma

The sudden change from okay to traumatised. What characterises acute trauma is this sudden transition from okay to sudden emotional/physical stress. Your nervous system is in a state of overload.  First let’s talk about what’s going on. Your nervous system thinks it’s in danger. Right. Now. Also known as PTSD, acute trauma is usually the result …

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How Mindfulness Reduces Stress & Heals Trauma

If you’re unsure about seeing a therapist because you don’t particularly feel comfortable talking about yourself, OR if you’ve tried therapies and they haven’t helped as much as you hoped, then beginning a practice of mindfulness may be the thing that finally shifts you into greater peace and self-empowerment. However, there is more to mindfulness …