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One-to-one sessions with Michelle | Online therapy program | Emotional healing for trauma | PTSD + C-PTSD | Childhood abuse | Grief | Breakdown
In my sessions, we identify exactly what’s happening for you, what you want to achieve/experience in your life, and what is missing so far in your healing journey. Then, together we do some practices and processes to help you heal, release, feel better, and to take the steps needed to create a life that lights you up. We might use one or several modalities and approaches, from hypnotherapy to NLP, from affirmations to mindfulness practices.I will also suggest specific modalities or treatments you might pursue, because I’m a big believer in your healing journey being all about YOU.
Healing is and should be selfish – it’s vital that you begin to listen to your own inner healer and follow your own path, using whatever practitioners and practices call to you.
My goal is for your ‘inner healer’ to really take over so that you only need to see me once or twice. I want you to feel empowered in your journey!

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How to work with me

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