How to work with me | Michelle Dixon

It takes courage and commitment to unravel suffering and shift into peace. I can honestly say that if you are ready to begin, it is a step worth celebrating!

Currently, I only see clients a few times a year between my group programs and online program launches.

When I open my calendar for bookings, I always announce openings to my email list first.

To be on my announcement list, you can just pop your name in here, and I will let you know my availability.

Group Programs

In my experience, group work is the fastest way to see shifts in your life, as the combination of group energy and the daily work of being with yourself (with my guidance) is far more potent over time than a few 1-1 sessions.

Membership & Group Program

My world-first online program that gives you tools, processes and additional expert support for actual healing (not just theorising) is now open.

Learn more here <<Feel Better Now Online Program>>.

If you’d like to be in touch with me, just reach out by clicking the image below!

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<<Learn about my world-first ONLINE trauma healing program. Tools, Processes, Experts, Live Calls >>