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Areas of Expertise

Bodywork for Emotional Release/Reset and for rewiring one’s emotional/body experience towards peace/bliss. Using de-armouring (Tantric/Shamanic) and Biodynamic Cranial Touch

Trauma/Anxiety/Stress Release with Hypnotherapy & Mindfulness

Relationship & Intimacy Coaching for Singles & Couples particularly as regards recovering from stressful events, and learning how to become more embodied in connection to self and others.

Life Coaching focused on changing emotional patterns, thoughts, and beliefs in order to reach goals or realize a vision for one’s life.

Awakening/Kundalini support to help you navigate any inexplicable changes if you are on a spiritual path and need support and clarity, as well as to facilitate energy movement to ease the process.

My Soul-Centred Approach

Ken Wilber has spoken about how there are two parallel roads of human growth in one’s lifetime, growing up, and awakening. Growing up is the domain of psychotherapy, and involves releasing a false sense of self, or working with shadow, trauma, and dysfunction. Awakening refers to a person’s gradual expansion of self-awareness beyond a limited “me” ego identification, and into an experiential awareness of our connectedness to all that is.

In my sessions, as we continue to work together, I give you tools to help you both ‘grow up’ in the sense of living a balanced and healthy sense of self, and I will also guide you to work with appropriate tools and practices for awakening.

Talk, Listening, and Tools for the Mind

The stories we tell ourselves about our lives, our health, or our dreams – they are powerful forces in creating our reality. Beyond accepting, compassionately, what cannot be changed, together we can disentangle the unhelpful beliefs or patterns that hold you back, and create new narratives that move you forward.  There are many tools for this, and we will identify what is best and most powerful for you.

Bodywork (de-armouring, energetic healing, biodynamic cranial touch). My bodywork helps you with

  • self love
  • releasing emotion
  • inexplicable persistent muscular tensions (please continue with osteo/chiro adjustments)
  • recovering from trauma
  • resetting your nervous system for healthy flow (joy, pleasure, confidence)
  • dysfunctions of intimacy/sexual concerns
  • reducing symptoms of disease, in some cases helping to clear them

What happens on the massage table

I use (depending on the client and session) a combination of energy, myofascial release, biodynamic cranial touch, and de-armouring. Which tool I choose, and how I use it, depends on your situation/energy! I may also use gentle verbal guidance, either asking you to breathe more freely, or to tell me what you sense, or even to help your subconscious mind access something for me so that we can work with it (in which case we might do inner child work, NLP, or mild hypnosis).

Which Approach for You?

You are unique, so my tools for you might include NLP (near-linguistic processing), hypnotherapy, energy healing, or bodywork. Or, it might be that we come up with some tangible action and new habits for you in order to shift your experience. For example, this might be rituals, yoga poses, pelvic floor exercises, meditation techniques, or just new ways of being in the world.

It is extremely unlikely that any one process can resolve something instantly. Often, we need a little time and self-love to change, and a supportive relationship with a practitioner through all your stages of healing and growth can make all the difference.

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