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healthy anger

Harnessing the power of healthy anger

In this blog I’m going to talk about healthy and unhealthy anger, how anger can go wrong in the trauma recovery journey, and how to harness the power of anger for deeper healing. Have you ever felt incredibly angry about something that happened to you, or towards a person who harmed you (or still do)?  …

magic bullet healing

Here’s what I mean when I say that YOU are the magic bullet.

Are you chasing after a magic bullet, the perfect modality to help you shift? Okay – here’s the surprise. I’m not discouraging you. Not at all. But I am challenging you to do so from a different place. In other words, I’m inviting a perspective shift. It’s a familiar story. I recently had a client …

emotional healing

I still have pain, but I am at peace

[Personal sharing. Wearing my heart on my sleeve.] I had a dream the other night that I had a really present, loving, fun father who spent lots of time with me. In the dream I was a teenager, at that transition between little girl and woman. I both loved him and appreciated his presence so …

best therapy cptsd

Here’s why therapy may not be helping you heal.

There are a few little-known strategies to getting the most out of your therapy and finding a treatment plan that is right for you. Finding a therapist and embarking on therapy sessions is often the first step when you are suffering emotionally, and it’s a very good first step to take! It is really important …

parenting trauma

How to parent well when your parents weren’t well people

Parenting to end intergenerational trauma Many clients want to know how to be good parents when they feel that they did not have good parents. They instinctively give their kids the love and safety they didn’t get, but they still have a lingering fear that somehow, the wounds of the past will emerge in their …

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