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I don’t leave your Wholeness or Soul at the door …

I remember being completely devastated by life, at my knees, and wanting more than anything to understand the bigger Why, to know that part of me that was wiser, more resourced, that was Whole. My own journey to understanding the spiritual connectivity of life and suffering have give me so much more compassion, both for myself and for others. It has given me both personal solace and a context in which even if pain doesn’t make sense, it can still be deeply accepted and thus can move through us…

Psychologist Lisa Miller’s book the Awakened Brain is confirmation that when we allow ‘soul’ or more generally, spirituality, into healing sessions, we make space for a more lasting and kinder, more compassionate experience. Isn’t that wonderful?

It’s especially wonderful for me as I feel my own deep connection to the unseen world; my intuition is strong, my guidance is solid, and my intention is to hold space for you to experience the same, as you uncover and release your deepest wounds and step more and more into the light.

I am so interested in you as a person and your soul. I love nothing more than dropping in and tuning in and really connecting to the vast part of you, the wise and Whole superpower that exists just behind your suffering, and which, I KNOW, can help you.

So together, the truth is, we can go as deep as you like. You get to decide!

Practically speaking … you may wonder ‘what I do’ and how I do it!

My approach in terms of ‘things I do’ lies at the intersection of healing and coaching, which is what makes it so effective and even transformational over time for many of my clients.

The coaching aspect of my work supports you to actively CREATE a life that lights you up. My coaching goes hand in hand with my healing.

I’m not just interested in helping you feel better.

I’m also driven to support you to create a life you love.

In fact, healing and creating a great life go hand in hand, and doing both ensures the success of both.

Healing without also having a vision for your life is less effective, because you risk getting stuck in the past, in your pain, without a positive future-driven vision and plan that lifts you into possibility.

Coaching without healing fails to acknowledge the root of your pain and the seriousness of your suffering, and risks you never letting go of that negative inner critic (the one created from pain and trauma). This trauma-informed self-concept could sabotage your best efforts at creating a life you love and achieving goals that mean something to you!

What does ‘healing’ mean in sessions with me?

Healing is about relieving your symptoms, helping you to feel better, removing limiting beliefs (such as that you are not ‘enough’), and cultivating self-love and a growth mindset. Healing is also about supporting you to get the clarity you need so that you can make sense of your past and suffering. We can do this through bodywork or through mind-based therapies. (See below for modalities I use).

What does coaching mean in sessions with me?

Coaching is future-focused, and goal oriented. It’s about helping you to identify what you truly desire for your life and empowering you with the necessary skills and mindset to achieve it, be it a personal vision for your life, professional goals or health goals, money goals, relationship goals, and so on.

Modalities I use

My sessions are grounded in the body, and we always check in to determine what the body is communicating and how we can best release trauma from the nervous system, and how we can restore peace and self-confidence.

In Sydney’s Northern Beaches, I also offer bodywork sessions which combine the following approaches: body de-armouring, energy healing, biodynamic cranial touch, myofascial release and craniosacral therapy inform my approach to helping your nervous system release held trauma.

I also draw on hypnotherapy, neurolinguistic programming, mindfulness practices with loads of other thought practices and body techniques based on years of healing, my intuition, and deep mind-body knowledge.

Sometimes it may seem straightforwards and scientific, and sometimes magical and woo woo. The most important thing for you to know is that whatever we do, it’s all led by your inner healer (I take my cues from you), and it’s grounded in a decade of experience working with wonderful humans, in my deep love for my work, and in my constant additional practitioner trainings.

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My signature methodology

I have a unique and comprehensive approach to shifting you from suffering to peace which works at the level of your body, mind and spirit.

I call it the three Rs: release, rewire, and realign.

In any case, I always begin with urgent support as needed, in order to settle the nervous system – as you must be out of acute trauma before beginning to heal (and off substances / post-rehab if you have suffered from anything labelled ‘addiction’).

Here is my approach:

  • Release held trauma from the body, using bodywork techniques and/or somatic processes.
  • Rewire the mind away from negative thought loops and low self-worth.
  • Realign with Wholeness through trauma-aware mindfulness techniques.
In this video I share the ‘aha’ moment: how I discovered that my approach worked.

My therapeutic toolkit

My practitioner training is grounded in numerous forms of bodywork for trauma release, with training and/or qualifications in: de-armouring, biodynamic cranial touch, myofacial and craniosacral release therapies and energy healing.

As regards rewiring the mind, I am qualified in neurolinguistic processing, hypnotherapy, and a few kinds of coaching.

I am a longtime meditator and mindfulness practitioner with my own approach, 6 Core Practices for Peace [book is in the works]! My 6 core practices are trauma aware, and draw on a lifetime of studying and living contemplative practices, my bodywork expertise, as well as my own lived experience in breakdown and trauma – and importantly, my path to Wholeness.

My client work

Learning to work with people who are suffering from complex trauma takes time, patience, and the cultivation of a very personal approach – as practitioner training (no matter how up to date with current practices) is just theory until the practitioner sits face to face with a client.

It’s absolutely true that my clients themselves have most informed my approach – they have taught me, through our journeys together, what works and what does not work. In nearly ten years of doing this work, in addition to working 1-1 with countless clients, I have facilitated over 30 workshops plus a few retreats. I have created a top-rated Udemy course on intuition, self-care, and caring for others, and I have been a guest writer in numerous publications and have participated in several telesummits and on many podcasts (see my blog for links). I also have created an online “working with the body to release trauma” program (just USD $37) to support my work with clients.

My Clients

Often my clients have a sexual abuse background, childhood abuse or trauma, have been victims of bullying, have been in abusive relationships or have suffered a breakdown. I also have clients who have sustained traumatic injuries and survived violence, war and migration.

I am very blessed, as my clients tend to be really self-aware, totally committed to moving forward in life, and despite whatever has happened, they have an uncanny trust in themselves to really listen to what their body/mind is telling them.

Learn more about my approach below.

Ready to take your first step to peace?

If you are wondering what it looks like to work with me, go here.

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My Qualifications

Diplomas in Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy, and Neurolinguistic programming (The Mind Academy).

Myofascial Release Therapy (with Patricia Farmsworth at the Craniosacral Therapy Academy of Australia)

Training in Shamanic Body De-armouring (with Andrew Barnes).

 Biodynamic Cranial Approach (with Giorgia Milne)

Certificate in Youth Counselling (TAFE)

Certificate in Mindfulness Facilitation (Rita Riccola, Mindfulness Australia)

Ph.D. in Economics (U. Sydney)

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