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Whether you suffer from trauma, relationship ending or abuse, intimacy problems, stress or breakdown, there is more to recovery than just relieving symptoms – I don’t just say it, I have LIVED it, and continue to witness it unfolding in my work.

There is an opportunity to go beyond healing, into greater self-awareness and deeper peace and connection – and my signature methodology can help you get there.

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My signature methodology

I have a unique and comprehensive approach to shifting you from suffering to peace which works at the level of your body, mind and spirit.

I call it the three Rs: release, rewire, and realign.

In any case, I always begin with urgent support as needed, in order to settle the nervous system – as you must be out of acute trauma before beginning to heal (and off substances / post-rehab if you have suffered from anything labelled ‘addiction’ – although the term is not my favourite).

Here is my approach:

  • Release held trauma from the body, using bodywork techniques and/or somatic processes.
  • Rewire the mind away from negative thought loops and low self-worth.
  • Realign with Wholeness through trauma-aware mindfulness techniques.
In this video I share the ‘aha’ moment: how I discovered that my approach worked.

My therapeutic toolkit

My practitioner training is grounded in numerous forms of bodywork for trauma release, with training and/or qualifications in: de-armouring, biodynamic cranial touch, myofacial and craniosacral release therapies and energy healing.

As regards rewiring the mind, I am qualified in neurolinguistic processing, hypnotherapy, and a few kinds of coaching.

I am a longtime meditator and mindfulness practitioner with my own approach, 6 Core Practices for Peace [book is in the works]! My 6 core practices are trauma aware, and draw on a lifetime of studying and living contemplative practices, my bodywork expertise, as well as my own lived experience in breakdown and trauma – and importantly, my path to Wholeness.

My client work

In nearly ten years of doing this work, in addition to working 1-1 with countless clients, I have facilitated over 30 workshops plus a few retreats. I have created a top-rated Udemy course on intuition and I have been a guest writer in numerous publications and have participated in several telesummits and on many podcasts.

My Clients

Often my clients have a sexual abuse background, childhood abuse or trauma, have been in abusive relationships or have suffered a breakdown. I also have clients who have sustained traumatic injuries and survived violence, war and migration. I’ve heard just about every kind of horror story you can imagine, and as much as I despair over the hurt, I am just as in awe of human courage and potential.

Learn more about my approach below.

Ready to take your first step to peace?

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My Qualifications

Diplomas in Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy, and Neurolinguistic programming (The Mind Academy).

Myofascial Release Therapy (Craniosacral Therapy Academy of Australia)

Training in Shamanic Body De-armouring (esp from Andrew Barnes).

 Biodynamic Cranial Touch (with Giorgia Milne)

Ph.D. in Economics (U. Sydney)

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