Does it feel like your past trauma is driving your experience in life? It’s possible to change that so you can operate from a healthier, more confident and self-loving place.

You’ve come to the right place! I am a clinical hypnotherapist, mindfulness coach and expert bodyworker who has specialised in trauma for the past decade. My speciality is helping you understand how your body/mind is holding onto past trauma and giving you strategies for releasing it so that you can get out from the shadow of past suffering and enjoy your life.

I work with people of all ages, including young people (I have youth mentorship qualifications and I have three young adult children).

In our sessions I listen compassionately to all that you want to share about your past and about your experience now, and help you see it through a new lens. Together we come up with a plan to meet your goals – including tools to work with symptoms as they arise, from flashbacks and negative thinking/catastrophizing to social anxiety and much more.

Whether we use mindfulness techniques, neurolinguistic processes or somatic practices, I have a large toolkit from which to draw in order to support you to make lasting changes, find your purpose, and reach your goals.

The reason my approach works so well is that I don’t apply a one-size-fits all approach; rather, I give my clients practical tools they can use to change how they experience their life.

Get started by booking a 1-1 session with me via Zoom, or if you're in Sydney, you can try one of my nature sessions, in which we meet in a quiet, outdoor setting where mindfulness techniques are the most powerful and grounding.

Who I work with and my approach

I help my clients recover from their past and cultivate the resilience and skills to create lives they love. Many of my clients have suffered difficult beginnings (domestic abuse, neglect, bullying), life crises and more, and are looking for strategies to reduce symptoms and thrive. My clients are adults 30+ and young people from young teenagers to early 20s. I work in North Narrabeen and via Zoom (or other video platforms) globally.

I have studied many different approaches to healing trauma, from body-based modalities that work primarily with releasing the nervous system, to mind based modalities that help rewire your thinking and outlook.

Over the past decade of working with hundreds of clients one-on-one, I have learned that the most effective way to cultivate resilience and build a satisfying life is by learning many different strategies and tools that you can take home and make part of your daily life.

Importantly, my experience has taught me that focusing on merely reviewing your past trauma can re-traumatise. Moreover, diving deep into the past without learning tools and techniques to work with memories, and without also taking steps towards creating a fulfilling life – can often result in years and years of therapy without much resolution!

I operate with the belief that your mind knows best, and it will naturally draw you towards specific past events which hold the key to living better now and in the future – it’s my job to help you work with those memories as they arise so that you are not troubled, but empowered.

Not to mention, I have experienced my own crises and past traumas, and I know firsthand that just talking and feeling are not enough: it is vital it is to cultivate specific practices in order to heal and thrive.

Today, my life, my relationship, and my work are daily reminders of the power of what I refer to as my 3Rs approach.

~Body release. Ways of moving and being with the body, to help it release trauma and emotion;

~Mind rewire. Thinking practices and new mental habits to shift from pain, self-criticism and shame to joy, self-belief and growth;

~Mindfulness-based alignment practices, to know yourself as Whole, and experience a direct, felt experience the peace that exists beneath turbulent waters.

I am all about empowering you to become your very best ally in your healing journey and I look forward to welcoming you personally to my world and community!


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