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Are you ready to feel better?

Whether you suffer from trauma, relationship ending or abuse, intimacy problems, stress or breakdown, if you’re ready for change, you’re in the right place!

Hi everyone, I’m Michelle Dixon.

I help people cultivate the strength, insight, skills and self-love to become their own very best allies on their journey to heal from past or present heartbreak, trauma, grief or crisis.

I do this through online training, group programs, webinars and courses – and of course, my juicy free guides and weekly email trauma series!

What’s the transformation I offer?

My approach can shift you into an experience of peace, and shift your perspective – enabling you to achieve your potential, and find purpose and meaning in your life!

My signature methodology facilitates a transformation in your way of being, so that you feel at peace in your body, in your connection to others, and with yourself.

Why me?

A decade before I became a practitioner, I lived for several months in a settlement camp for my doctoral research. There I witnessed intergenerational poverty, disease and trauma which piqued my interest. I wanted to understand how we can help ourselves even when the structures of our society fail us. This all took place long before I experienced my own crisis.

I became a practitioner years later in order to recover from heartbreak, trauma and anxiety after divorce in my late 30s – all of which triggered an unexamined mess of childhood trauma!  It was a time in my life when I couldn’t imagine living without daily panics, anxiety, depression, and struggle. Only after I had spent years studying bodywork and mind-change modalities did it all come together. My approach grew out of what worked for me and for my clients, and which continues to benefit my clients and participants.

Today, I’m one of the few experts in trauma recovery and mindfulness, who works with the body (somatic approach) as well as the mind and soul in order to facilitate a happy, healthy and fulfilling relationship with yourself and others.

Why my unique approach?

What really makes me and my approach different is this: I have gone into the darkest places in my own life, tried and tested all my processes with myself and clients recovering from trauma, turned them into a methodology, and continue to use them successfully with myself and thousands of others.

If nothing else has worked for you yet, it’s not your fault, nor that of your practitioners or therapists.

There is a missing piece… read below to learn more about my approach!

Want to take the first step towards feeling better?

My free guide and weekly email trauma series gives you information and actual strategies for healing that I have used in my own journey and with hundreds of clients over the past decade. You can also pre-register for my free emotional detox challenge mini-course & community!

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