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Wherever you look in your body, trauma leaves its trace: from your brain to your muscles and tissues to your organs and your nervous system, even your DNA.

So if you feel something in you has changed, then you’re correct, and it’s no wonder you suffer or find it difficult to live a life you love.
If you’ve found your way here, then I’m guessing you’re tired of suffering and want to feel better about yourself, about your life, and about your potential.

You may be:

–> Sick of suffering but unsure about the options available to you for healing & thriving;

–> Lacking self-worth;

–> Low in motivation;

–> Not taking the steps to do things you dream of doing;

–> Really starting to notice the price you’re paying in your life to stay stuck!

You suspect you’re meant for more in your life, which might look like:

–> Sleeping soundly at night, and waking up feeling energized and tingling with a sense of potential;

–> Going for that job you want or starting that business you’ve been dreaming about;

–> Getting out of that relationship and/or finding an amazing partner who makes you feel special and loved;

–> Doing, being or feeling like a new, happier version of you, someone who is THRIVING (and not merely surviving)!

But hang on – I know you’re not there yet, and there is a reason. 

Trauma and emotional pain disconnect you from YOU – from your body, your joy, your peace, your purpose, your potential, your ambition, and your community.

Healing reconnects, but only when you begin with trauma release – getting sticky emotions, difficult memories, and unpleasant reactions out of your system! 

Doing this requires a holistic approach: working with the body, the mind, and your Wholeness. Take it from someone who knows this personally, as well as professionally (me)!

I’m here to help. Let’s begin!

online trauma healing program

So much love, Michelle xxx

Want to take the first step towards releasing past trauma and feeling better?

My free 5 step reframe process + trauma healing roadmap guide contain actual strategies for healing that I have used in my own journey and with countless clients over the past decade. Also get a sneak peak into my online program, *plus access to exclusive discounts.*

Trauma Release with Online Therapy Sessions & Mindfulness Coaching

Emotional healing has never been more important in our world than now, when people like you and me are struggling to adjust to a new ‘normal’ on top of whatever past trauma or heartbreak we silently carry.

Online psychotherapy or any kind of online mental health counselling are fairly new phenomena, but I want to reassure you that unless you are specifically seeking bodywork therapy, the best online therapy is just as powerful as the best in person therapy, period.

However, what makes my approach unique is as much about the practices and processes I teach you to do in your own time as about the one-on-one sessions themselves. Trauma release can happen with every moment, every day, when you have the right skills and practices!

After all, the roughly 165 hours a week you are NOT in a session with a therapist or support person matters … and I will help you learn how to maximize your healing potential by using that time wisely!

Whether you suffer from trauma, relationship ending or abuse, intimacy problems, stress or breakdown, if you’re ready for change, you’re in the right place.

Even if you have never even considered an online trauma therapy program before, you will find that Feel Better Now is inspirational, easy to follow, and powerful.

Wouldn’t you love to learn how to experience peace, joy, and self-love, so that you can create the life you desire (and finally reach your goals) – and do it affordably, on YOUR terms?

In Feel Better Now, I teach you simple tools, practices and processes that you can easily incorporate into your every day life.

Despite their seeming simplicity, these tools have the power to massively boost your emotional healing, speed your experience of being at peace, and help you embrace and live your purpose, getting you unstuck in your life and career at last.

The best part – you can do it in your own time, whether or not you are working with a therapist 1-1.

Have a look around and feel free to reach out!

Essential Reading for Trauma Release & Emotional Healing

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