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It’s time to create a wonderful life for yourself, and not just heal from the past.

What if you had strategies and tools to work with symptoms as they arise – as part of a larger plan to get your life on track, make changes that last, find your purpose, and reach your goals?

Yes, past struggles, including trauma, all have consequences, but you can still create a life that lights you up.

It’s vital that you strive for your potential, and not just settle for getting relief from pain!

The key is getting the right support, which includes strategies and tools that can change your mindset, self-belief, and way of operating in the world – all of which change the results you are getting.

If you’ve found your way here, then I’m guessing you’re tired of suffering and want to feel better about yourself, about your life, and about your potential. Great!

My approach is different because I combine healing with coaching. This means releasing the past and experiencing peace as well as creating a life you love.

I do this with in-person bodywork sessions as well as on or off-line talk sessions.

(My approach ranges from de-armouring bodywork, sound healing, and myofascial and craniosacral release, to rewiring the mind for a growth mindset with hypnotherapy, re-imagining your timeline with quantum hacks, to being clear about goals and beliefs and having actual strategies!)

Have a look around! You can start feeling better today by empowering yourself with knowledge from my blog and videos; you could book a 1-1 session with me; or create a powerful daily practice in just 15 minutes a day by joining my $37 Everyday Healing: Working With the Body program!

I hope to see you soon and get to know you better.

So much love xx

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Are you ready to settle your nervous system?

My $37 program, Everyday Healing: Releasing Trauma from the Body, is an easy way to get started calming your nervous system and letting go of past emotion and difficult memories. This short online course is all about helping you create a daily body-based practice to relieve symptoms and feel better faster!

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