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I help you recover from suffering and cultivate ongoing practices for peace, so that you can live the life you long for.

Whether you suffer from trauma, relationship ending or abuse, intimacy problems, stress or breakdown, there is more to recovery than just relieving symptoms.

There is an opportunity to go beyond healing, into greater self-awareness and deeper peace and connection.

Hi everyone, I’m Michelle Dixon. My passion is facilitating a transformation in your way of being: feeling at peace in your body, in your connection to others, and with yourself.

I became a practitioner in order to recover from heartbreak, trauma and anxiety after divorce in my 30s.  It was a time in my life when I couldn’t imagine living without daily panics, anxiety, depression, and struggle.

Today, I’m one of the few experts in trauma recovery and relationship and intimacy coaching who works with the body (somatic approach) and not just the mind in order to facilitate happy, healthy and intimately fulfilling relationships with oneself and others.

My signature methodology

I have a unique and comprehensive approach to shifting you from suffering to peace which works at the level of your body, mind and spirit.

I call it the three Rs: release the body, rewire the mind, realign with your Wholeness.

In any case, we begin with urgent support, in order to settle the nervous system. Then, we release held trauma in the body, rewire your mind away from negative thought loops and low self-worth, and help you realign with Wholeness through mindfulness techniques.

My therapeutic toolkit

I use various forms of bodywork for trauma release (de-armouring, biodynamic cranial touch, myofacial and craniosacral therapies). For the mind, I use neurolinguistic processing, hypnotherapy, and various hybrid techniques to help your mind ‘relearn’ self-compassion and positive thinking. For integration of Wholeness or Soul, I use mindfulness, specifically 6 core practices for peace which I have developed for my online mindfulness program.

I’d love to hear about your journey, your struggles, hopes and desires. Find out more below or contact me and be in touch.

best free trauma quiz

Get started with my free 6 Step Roadmap to Holistic Healing.

This guide shows you the journey from suffering, to an experience of peace and connection to Soul.

✔️Do you sometimes (or always) feel like you’ll never get over your suffering, that you’ll never feel better, and you just don’t know where to start with healing?

✔️Do you have an inner critic who just won’t lay off, or even experience chronic shame?

✔️Do you feel stuck – like life is just not moving forward as it should, and maybe you even feel a lack or meaning or purpose (or doubt yourself all the time)?

✔️Do you suffer from chronic pain, illness, or even from an autoimmune disorder that you suspect (or know) is linked to past trauma?

✔️✔️Are you ready to understand more, go deeper, learn to love yourself, experience you greatest potential … and shift into a peace that you probably never thought possible…? xxx