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There is a part of you that is Whole and has never been harmed. Call it what you will - your soul, your genetic memory, Awareness, your survival instinct. Whatever you call it, it's real and it's powerful, and I have seen again and again how this part is always trying to find a way to heal, including leading you to find help! But right now, perhaps it feels like it is your past trauma that is driving your experience in life rather than your Wholeness. It IS possible to operate from a healthier, more confident and self-loving place. I strongly believe that everyone has an inner healer part of their psyche and soul which knows the perfect path an individual's healing should take. My role is to assist my clients to hear the voice of that part and learn to listen to its wisdom. You can read more about how I work by clicking the button below!

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Book a 1-1 session with me via Zoom, in nature (we agree where) or at a clinic in Freshwater, on Sydney's Northern Beaches. Or try my online program to start releasing trauma from the body at home!

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